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I am a Doctor of Homoeopathy, a Post Graduate in Clinical and Health Psychology and Counselling and a Master in Clinical Hypnotherapy and Transpersonal Regression. This unique blend of qualifications enables me to treat different people in ways that correspond to their specific needs. I provide a holistic approach to the wellness of your total being.

Blessed are those who go through the journey of life with no or little problem! But the fact is that most of us face several problems at any point of our life. Life can be quite challenging sometimes either on domestic front or professional front or even from health perspective.

In addition to my practice I also contribute articles on varied subjects to many popular newspapers, websites and radio shows. I also conduct various training programs and workshops for corporate, schools and families. People from all ages, walks of life come to me for relief from a variety of ailments and diseases.

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Therapy Corner

At the first consultation, I, as your consultant, will usually spend at least an hour, sometimes longer, asking detailed questions about your current health, medical history, and lifestyle.

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Client Testimonial

Where do I even begin...There is so much of gratitude that I feel towards Dr. Kanan Khatau Chikhal, hence I feel it would be appropriate to begin with just that...GRATITUDE...!!!


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